Protecting Ava: A Special Forces: Frogmen / Special Forces: Operation Alpha Crossover

Detonation in five…four…three…

Ava Giordano never stood a chance.
After a big break-up, she finally got her life together, but the past still looms in her not so distant future.

Master Chief Special Warfare Officer Cody Dalton of SEAL team Alpha has always been the ultimate fan of one-night stands.

But one glimpse of Ava has him rethinking everything.
It’s love at first sight, but now their feelings will be put to the test.

One train.
One meeting by chance.
One hour to get it right.

When danger surrounds them, does Dalton have what it takes to protect Ava?

Protecting Beca: A Special Forces: Frogmen / Special Forces: Operation Alpha Crossover

Detonation in five…four…three…

All Rebeca Shaw wanted was to have a girls-only getaway with three of her closest friends. She never expected to meet the gorgeous, super sweet Navy SEAL that sweeps her off her feet.

Special Warfare Operator Jason Buckley of SEAL team Alpha is the fifth wheel on a luxurious Caribbean vacation.

He’s afraid of commitment.
Afraid of loving someone and not coming home.
Afraid of someone finding out his darkest secrets.

But one glimpse of Beca has him rethinking everything. It’s love at first sight, but now their feelings will be put to the test.

One pleasure cruise.
One random circumstance.
One chance at saving the lives of innocent civilians – including his new-found love.

When danger surrounds them, does Jason have what it takes to protect Beca?

Protecting Cara: A Special Forces: Frogmen / Special Forces: Operation Alpha Crossover

Ready… Aim… 

Carissa Montgomery went out for a run and found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up with a target on her back. The Feds are escorting her to New York to testify, but danger lurks in the air… 

Special Warfare Operator Nathan Hayes has one more week before rejoining his SEAL team in Afghanistan. But before that happens, he’s going to enjoy a first-class ticket to Morocco. The trip becomes even more pleasurable when he meets Cara on his connecting flight. Nate doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but that doesn’t stop him from falling for her. However, someone’s determined not to let her leave the plane alive…

Dead bodies are piling up and Nate will be damned if Cara will be one of them. 

One first-class ticket. 
One compromised witness.
One chance of preserving justice. 

When danger surrounds them, does Nate have what it takes to protect Cara?

When the Storm Ends - The Tempest Series Book One

When the storm ends, there’s a calm in the air that shows you everything is going to be all right. But nothing may ever be right again. 

Delani Delvecchio has weathered storm after storm throughout her life, but this one may have the potential to break her. After what is supposed to be an anniversary celebration with her friends and boyfriend, Delani gets pulled into her own personal hell. 

Taken. Beaten. Tormented. 

Delani fights and makes it out, only to realize she’s not safe at home—she’s no longer safe in New York at all. With an untraceable phone, clothes that aren’t her own, and enough money to get her by, she gets on a train and heads to the last place she felt she would be looked for.  What she didn’t expect to find when she got there was him. 

Cocky. Charismatic. Safe. 

Brody Russell, small town cop, quickly becomes the calm during Delani’s storm. 
His presence makes her forget and his southern charm works its way into her heart. 
Brody promises to protect her, to be right by her side when the storm ends. 

But what if this storm is only the beginning?

Surviving the Storm - The Tempest Series Book Two



The storm rages, casting light in the shadows, forcing you to face the aftermath. Running away is futile. 

Broken. Traumatized. Consumed. 

Delani Delvecchio has been through more heartbreak in her life than most can handle. She’s strong—stronger than she thought herself capable—but her victory comes with consequences. 

She’s slipping—slipping from reality and fearing everything around her. Nightmares are controlling her mind, demons from the past are playing tricks, and her foundation is cracking. 

Loyal. Determined. Faithful. 

Brody Russell saved Delani from hell, only to be faced with a hell of his own. 
Being a small-town cop, he thought he’d been prepared for the repercussions of helping Delani, but now, he’s facing a trial that’s determined to break him, and all he wants is his love for Delani to survive the fallout. 

Emotions run high, boundaries are pushed, and the odds stacked against them become a race against time. 

The storm might be over, but the devastation has taken its toll. Surviving is the only option, but will it be enough?

Rescuing Montana: A GP Alliance Prequel / Brotherhood Protectors Crossover

One moment can change everything…

One bullet.
One car accident.
One chance to start over.

I was a SEAL… 
With one bullet to the shoulder, my life as I knew it changed. I was no longer in the navy. I was no longer sure of my future. I lost function to the most important thing as a sniper—my trigger finger.

I felt useless—until one call from The Brotherhood Protectors.
That one call brought me a new job, renewed purpose, and straight to her doorstep.
Abigail Montana and her beautiful little girl. Instantly, I had a reason to breathe and look forward to tomorrow. Though, as I’ve learned, all it takes is one moment for everything to change.

They could both be my future, if I can rescue Montana from her past.

Saving Montana: A GP Alliance Prequel / Brotherhood Protectors Crossover

One moment can change everything…

One leap of faith.
One shot at redemption.
One chance to start over.

I was a Marine…

After years of service, I chose to retire, and life as I knew it quickly changed. While I would always be a Marine, without a purpose, life became monotonous. When the Brotherhood Protectors called, it wasn’t enough to make me commit, until ghosts from my past materialized.

Faith Montana-Page was victimized by someone who vowed to love her – she endured more physical and emotional abuse than any one person should ever have to experience…I should know. Then, her past blew in like a tornado. What should have been a job, quickly turned personal. While I thought I was saving her, I realized I was also saving myself.

Faith could be my future, but only if I could save us from our pasts.

Drawn to You - Chasing Olivia Duet One

Master’s degree–check.
The perfect resume–check.

Finally finished with her Master’s degree, Olivia Barrett is ready to start a new chapter in her life. Graduating at the top of her class, she’s one step closer to landing her dream job and has the man she plans to spend the rest of her life with. Things are looking up–that is, until she walks in on her boyfriend of seven years, Evan Gallagher, cheating on her with her college roommate. 

Hurt and confused, she escapes to her safe haven. Davis Park, Fire Island has always held the greatest memories for her growing up and now seems to be no different. While trying to forget Evan, she runs into a beautiful man with bright blue eyes and the cutest dimple. 
Chase Remington is everything she’s always looked for in a man, and even though she knows things are moving too fast, she can’t help but find herself drawn to him in ways she’s never experienced. 

When things start to heat up, Olivia finds herself at a crossroads. Torn between a history she can’t ignore and a future that may never exist, she has to make a choice–only, it’s never that easy. Can she deny the man who has owned her heart for so long, or will she decide the future is worth the leap?

Lost Without You - Chasing Olivia Duet Two

Wedding dress—check. 
Walking down the aisle—check. 
Saying “I do”—well… 
Olivia Barrett has had her fill of disappointment when it comes to the men in her life. After a rude awakening with Chase, she finds herself back with Evan only to have her world turned upside down once more. Secrets have been revealed, and giving up seems like a viable option, but Chase weasels his way back into her heart. 
Wooing her off her feet and promising her the world is easy for Chase, but Olivia is hesitant to give herself over to him so fully. Trust must be earned and even though Chase gives her no reason to doubt his love, Olivia can’t help but hold back. 
When everything comes to a head, Olivia realizes her love for Chase cannot be matched, but is the decision to stay with him really hers, or will circumstances out of her control decide for her?

Infiltration: An Alex Brooks Novella



Case File: C-1998-01059
Suspect: Ethan Sawyer
Mission: Infiltrate Black Mountain.

Time is ticking. The enemy is near. Lives are on the line. 

CIA Agent Alex Brooks, do you accept?

Weapons taken from our military are being sold to Al Qaeda. The details of the job are easy: step in as a temp secretary to Ethan Sawyer and gather incriminating evidence to tear down the operation—by whatever means necessary.

Corruption. Greed. Seduction.

Challenge accepted.

Exfiltration: An Alex Brooks / Special Forces: Frogmen crossover



Case File: C-1999-21369 
Suspect: Atiyah Abd al-Rahman 
Mission: Bring home the president’s daughter. 

Time is ticking. The enemy is near. Lives are on the line. 

CIA Agent Alex Brooks, do you accept? 

Kimberly Ryan is in Afghanistan helping injured civilians trapped in the middle of the war. The only problem? The president has given the order to bomb Osama bin Laden’s alleged second in command, and his philanthropist daughter is in danger. The details of the job: save Kimberly before the bomb is detonated. 

Abduction. Terrorism. Imminent Threat. 

Challenge accepted.